Kavdi Pune  
Kavdi a birdwatchers paradise is a small place near Pune. It is abot 15 to 16 KM from Pune on the Sholapur highway. Just after the Loni Kalbhor toll plaza (About 100 meters from the toll plaza and just after Manali) on the left side you will see sign for Kavadipat. Take a left and drive abot 1 to 2 km. (Need to cross a railway crossing).

In winter you can see a lot of migratory birds in the river. There is a small bridge across the river which takes you to the farms on the other side. The river is not so clean and during monsoons a lot of garbage gets accumulated on the bridge. But Kavdi is amongst the best birding spots in Pune and and hence it attracts a lot of bird watchers.
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Bird in Flight Kavdi Pune

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Brahminy Duck, Ruddy Shelduck, Surkhab, Badak (Tadorna ferruginea) in Kavdi Pune. The Duck is 58–70 cm long, It has orange-brown body plumage and a paler head. The wings are white with black flight feathers. In Hindi and Urdu (India) it is called Surkhab.  

Kavdi Pune Map and Driving Directions

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