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Sigmund Freud's Priorities

Five things are happening in your house at the same time. In which sequence would you solve them?

1. The telephone is ringing!
2. The baby is crying!
3. Someone's knocking or calling you from the front door!
4. You hung the clothes out to dry and it is beginning to rain!
5. You left the tap on in the kitchen and the water is already overflowing!

In which sequence would you solve these problems? Write the sequence and check below how your decisions were made.
Sigmund Freud

BUT BE HONEST, THE FINDINGS ARE EXCITING. First write YOUR sequence from 1 to 5.
Then scroll down and read.


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Every individual point represents something in your life.
On the list you can see which meaning every point has:

1. Telephone represents Work
2. Baby represents Family
3. Door represents Friends
4. Clothes represent Money
5. Tap represents Love Life (Sex)

Your chosen sequence determines the priorities in your life!

But if your top priority was the TAP dont worry read the comments in the blog below.

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